The Library

About the library

The Jackson Library is centrally located inside the campus in a building, which, until 1978, functioned as a gymnasium. Reconditioned as a library, was named after Ralph B. Jackson, the College’s Headmaster between 1940 and 1961.

Qualified librarians perform different functions during the school hours. They manage the collection and work closely with teachers and students in order to support the teaching programs, promote reading, and help students to develop skills and capabilities in information literacy.

Through an automated management system, the library also oversees the textbooks provided by the College to the students.


To cooperate with the fulfillment of the College's goals and to contribute to their academic development, to provide information sources that are pertinent and of quality, to promote their correct use, and to develop independent and critical users.


To become a dynamic center that works as a junction between the different areas of the school through bibliographical material, special activities and customized treatment. In order to make this happen, the library will:
• Meet the users’ needs through personal attention both in the library and remotely.
• Update the collection following the community needs.
• Create and maintain a more enabling environment.
• Be up to date with the latest technologies to promote the access, use and management of the documentary resources.