The Library

Library policies


1.a. The library will be open Monday to Thursdays from 8.00 to 4.35pm

About Borrowing Books

2.a. Circulation system (loans, returns, reserves and claim letters) are automatic.

2.b. You do not need a credential to borrow a book; your full name is enough.

2.c. Students and teachers are allowed to keep up to 5 informative and/or fiction book volumes for as long as 7 or 14 consecutive days. This period can be renewed as long as they are not reserved by other users. In the case of material which is in high demand, the librarian can limit the loan period.

2.d. Reference books or very expensive or difficult to replace material cannot be borrowed, they can be read on site or copied.

2.e. Text books: Students borrow one book per year per subject. Text books must be returned at the end of the school year, in the date stated in the book and each students shall bring the book with the registered code. In case of exams, the book can be borrowed again for the summer, but needs to be returned the first week of classes. Students must advise their tutors upon deterioration or loss of any library material.

2.f. Students who do not return books will receive a notification and will be asked to show up at the library with the material a.s.a.p. If they do not present it, tutors will be notifies and then an e-mail to parents will be sent. If the book is lost or broken, it will be charged to the student through the school account.

2.g. Librarians will receive text books, register missing ones in the system and notify admin about the ones to be charged to students and those which should be bought.

About the Use of the Facilitie

3.a. For any teachers requiring the Library, please notify the librarians in advance and include any requests, such as specific resources or books.

3.b. Teachers should notify librarians a.s.a.p. if they decide to cancel the booking of an area in the library, so that the place can be used by another group.

3.c. ES6 students can stay in the library during their study periods. They are encouraged to make productive use of the library during this opportunity. This benefit will be withdrawn from the student if he/she does not behave adequately.

3.d. The library does not provide earphones; therefore, anyone who would like to make use of the audio of the computers must bring their own.

3.e. Computers are available for both students and staff, where documents can be printed and then collected from the printing office. Computers can only be used for academic or research purposes. Users are asked to report damage and/or failures in the computers to librarians for a repair request to be sent to the IT office.

3.f. During breaks, a social use of the library will be permitted where newspapers, magazines, loaning of books and respectful conversations will be allowed.

3.g. Students who are off changing can only stay in the library when the teacher issues a signed permit for that specific day. The teacher will be notified in case the student misbehaves or makes an inappropriate use of the library.

3.h. Food or drinks (except water) are not allowed at any time.

3.i. During class hours, the main door will be the only entrance that will remain unlocked for all users.

3.j. In case rules are not followed or the study environment in the Library is disrupted, students will not be allowed to stay. If they repeatedly misbehave, students will be sanctioned.