The Library

Library policies

The library

• The students, teachers and community members of the St. George’s College can use the library facilities during the school periods Monday to Friday from 7:45 am to 16.35 pm. From Monday to Thursday the library will be open with teachers on duty from 5 to 7 pm.
• The teachers on duty cannot loan books. Students and teachers from school can use the library spaces to study, research, and reserve books for students who want to borrow them the following morning.
• The library card is not needed for reading in the library.

Use of the facilities

• Teachers can book the library facilities for their classes in Reception.
• If you want to do research work with your class in the library, it is recommended to book the library facilities a week in advance and tell to the librarians about the subject that will be studied, so they can prepare the material in time.
• The computes upstairs are for:

- Study groups with their teachers on a specific assignment.

- Students during breaks who need to work and send work to printers.

- Students (maximum three) who need to work or send work to the printers during lessons -- only with their teacher’s permission.

• The library won’t provide headphones. Everybody who wants to hear audio from our computers must bring their own devices.
• During breaks social use of the library is allowed, providing the opportunity to read the papers, magazines and talk quietly. For this purpose, a room has been designed to use personal mobile devices.
• Students not participating in sports can stay in the library if they behave properly and bring with them a signed authorization from their teachers. In case of misbehavior the teacher will be notified.
• Eating and drinking inside the library is not allowed.
• During school hours the main entrance is the only point of entry and exit allowed for students.
• All the students must leave their backpacks and bags outside the library. Students may enter with their computers and electronic devices, notebooks and books, if they show them before in the main desk.
• There is a Quiet reading room with a desk and a computer at the students’ disposal for individual work.


• All the bibliographical and documental material is lent through an automated loan system operated only by the librarians (Monday to Friday until 16.35 hs.)
• Users must present their library card, with their user ID and bar code to borrow any book. The library cards are printed in the IT office. Each student has his or her unique code which can be used throughout his or her school career.

Textbooks loan

• Textbooks can be borrowed for the school year with a single return deadline which will be published in advance through the school media.
• In case of loss or damage, the students must communicate with their tutors.
• If a student needs a textbook during summer holidays to prepare for an exam, he or she must go to the library with the book before the end of the period and ask for a loan extension.
• The day after the deadline of book returning the librarians will:
1) Send written reminders to the students through their tutors
2) Send notifications to the parents via email
• If the book is not returned, it will be charged taking as reference the prices published by the school suppliers.

Library books loan

• Each student can borrow up to five books simultaneously for a period of seven days, with a possibility of renewal for another seven days, if the book has not been requested by another student.
• Students owing books will receive an overdue notice by their tutors. The unreturned books will be charged to the students.
• The reference books -- dictionaries, encyclopedias and other big or rare editions -- are not for loan. They can be consulted inside the library.
• If a book is requested by more than one student, or if it is a special material, it will be lent only for one day.
• Weekend loans must be returned first thing the following Monday.